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Outside the Boards™ has decades of experience in helping large and small sports and lifestyle properties, and new and popular brands, navigate areas of sponsorship to drive revenue and deliver measurable results.

We apply collected research, data and analytics and best practices from in and outside the polo industry to engineer actionable blueprints and customized strategies with the goal of optimizing your business and driving new opportunities.

Sponsorship Services



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For Properties:

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Industry Research & Intelligence

Developing a thorough understanding of the polo sponsorship landscape and comparable properties is knowledge that helps properties and brands engineer a plan of attack. OTB™ tracks global sponsorship activities, including trends, marketable assets, and righsholder opportunities to provide its clients with data to support their initiatives.

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Valuation & Pricing

What are your revenue goals? What are you worth? How can sponsorship achieve your financial goals? OTB™ uses its proprietary methodology and industry intelligence to assess your sponsorship package(s) to determine its value and go-to-market price by evaluating quantifiable assets, such as media integration, fan engagement, as well as the properties intangible value.

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Asset Assessment & Packaging

OTB™ uncovers, identifies and categorizes all of a property's points of engagement and commercial benefits that can be offered to sponsors. We then design a packaging framework that is actionable, maximizes revenue and is of value to brands interested in your property.

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Commercial Targeting & Prospecting

Identifying the optimal sponsorship categories and brands to target is crucial to any sponsorship sales plan and outreach. OTB™ advises properties on who they should target,  insights into their business and what assets are most valuable to them in any sponsorship deal.

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Plan Implementation

OTB™ helps bring their sponsorship sales strategy to market by providing ongoing counseling, developing sales and management resources, contracts, as well as strategic recommendations to one or more sponsors by engineering customized solutions to a sponsor's business and marketing objectives.

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For Brands:

Industry Strategy & Implementation

Interested in using polo as way to communicate your brand to a highly desirable demographic? OTB™ helps brands design and execute the right sponsorship strategy by aligning sponsorship objectives with business goals, including club or event geo-targeting, portfolio management, contract negotiation, program execution.

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Property Evaluation

OTB™ helps brands evaluate individual opportunities, including club, event(s) or venue, and provide valuable advice and recommendations on how to identify and uncover commercial assets that benefit business objectives and drive sponsorship ROI. 

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Ongoing Consulting

Undergoing a challenge or need to re-evaluate your portfolio? OTB™ works with brands to provide ongoing counsel for their everyday industry challenges to ensure their investment(s) are delivering against KPIs. OTB's™ knowledge of the industry and awareness of trends will help brands stay ahead of the industry.

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