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Outside the Boards™ borrows from years of experience in engineering trailblazing omni-channel marketing programs from social media engagements to the creation of proprietary events. OTB™ was born to help the industry and its stakeholders connect with their audience in impactful and memorable ways. 

The Polo industry is growing and making bold moves to boost public visibility, sport interest and keep the polo community engaged. OTB™ is here to help stakeholders and interested brands navigate the complex world of polo and make memorable impression on the industry.

Marketing & Communications



Become a member of Outside the Boards community and keep your finger on the pulse of the polo industry with access to:

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Social Media

From keeping your members and fans informed to sharing awe-inspiring content, OTB™ educates polo properties and brands on how to leverage social media to engage its audience, provide value to sponsors and drive new followers. Polo's imagery and lifestyle mirror today's consumer passions, let OTB™ help share it and watch it spread!

Public Relations.png

Public Relations

Engagement with local and national media is a great way to reach a large and diverse audience and generate free publicity. OTB™ will immerse itself into the property to uncover information, stories and future content that it can use to pitch and involve media as well as develop a blueprint to keep the local and polo media informed of your activities.

Digital Marketing.png

Digital Marketing

Today's consumer spends an enormous amount of time interacting with friends, family, brands and other activities digitally, from email communications too gaming. OTB™ will help properties navigate the digital landscape to devise a plan that will reach a targeted audience and drive online traffic and activity with the goal of creating a virtual audience.

Property Creation.png

Property Creation

Polo is truly a unique sports and lifestyle event experience unlike other traditional sports or entertainment events. It is breathtaking, memorable and high adrenaline that keeps spectators wanting more. OTB has the knowledge and know-how to create and execute top-to-bottom bespoke properties. From event operations, logistics and program creation to promotion and sponsorship modeling, we can bring any idea to life!

Civic Relations.png

Civic Engagement

More and more, local municipalities and government related organizations are spending time and money to create opportunities that boost tourism and the local economy, as well as enhance relations with residents. Like other sports and lifestyle event properties, polo can leverage civic relationships similarly to generate free publicity and utilize free resources to optimize operations and promote growth.

Experiental Marketing.png

Experiential Marketing

A well executed experience can create an emotional connection like no other. OTB knows how to use this power and has put it to work for some of the world's most popular and recognizable brands. Let us help build you experiential solutions that target peoples passion points with impactful results.

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